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Montana Wildlife Removal

Specializing in the trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife from your property, home, or business.

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" We Specialize In The Removal of  Eastern Montana's Unwanted Wildlife "

Big Horn County- Busby, Crow Agency, Fort Smith, Hardin, Lodge Grass, Pryor, St. Xavier, and Wyola

Carbon County, Montana - Red Lodge, Alpine, East Rosebud Lake, Roberts, Roscoe, Rockvale, Silesia, Belfry, Bearcreek, Boyd, Bridger, Edgar, Fromberg, Fox, Joliet and Luther
Fergus County, Montana, Grassrange

Golden Valley County, Montana - Lavina, Ryegate

Musselshell County, Montana - Roundup, Klein, Melstone, Musselshel

Rosebud County, Montana - Forsyth, Colstrip

Stillwater County, Montana - Columbus, Absarokee, Fishtail, Molt, Nye, Park City, Rapelje, and Reed Point

Sweet Grass County, Montana - Big Timber, Grey Cliff, Melville

Treasure County, Montana - Hysham, Myers, Sanders

Wheatland County,Montana - Harlowton, Shawmut

Yellowstone County, Montana - Billings. Laurel, Ballantine, Custer, Huntley, Lockwood,Pompeys Pillar, Shepherd and Worden MT

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postheadericon Snake Removal

The Billings Snake Removal Story

Big Sky Wildlife Control Services,llc (BSWCS) was originally established to meet the growing demand for wildlife control in agricultural,rural,industrial and especially urban areas. In the beginning we focused our efforts on the warm blooded species commonly encountered by the public, but soon the calls started pouring in for help with our most prominent land dwelling cold blooded species,SNAKES!

Our early efforts although successful did not meet our criteria for quick and efficient capture. We started with a standard glue trap but soon realized that weather was our biggest enemy since rain as well as blowing dust and debris could quickly put our traps out of commission. So began the development of what today we call The Snake Guide. Starting with a basic wooden cover we kept modifying and improving our design so it not only keeps the trap functioning through most weather events, but it also helps protect captured snakes from the elements.

snake removal Eastern Montana

Now that we had our Snake Guide perfected we began working on our methods and applications. Two things that all wildlife require are food and shelter. We set our guides with this in mind and give heavy consideration to keeping any captured snakes out of direct sunlight.

BSWCS Snake Guides work equally well on all of Montana’s native snake species which include gopher,bull,western rattlesnakes,green and blue racers,milk,western hog nose and all species of garters,common,western terrestrial and plains. We have also used our Snake Guides to capture escaped pet non-native species that have eluded their owners efforts of recapture. Don’t be suprised to find a variety of all species living in close proximity to each other. The old wives tale of bull snakes chasing away rattlers is just that, an old tale. We have caught bothspecies together and this is also verified by the different species denning together.

Montana snakes are tough and start appearing as soon as most snow has melted. BSWCS starts receiving calls as early as late February for garter snakes which seem to emerge first. As the weather warms more calls come in for bull and gopher snakes, then finally rattle snakes when the temperatures are consistently warm. But be cautious any snake can appear anywhere at anytime. The number one rule with snakes is to never approach or attempt to pickup any snake that has not been positively identified.

snake removal Eastern Montana

There are steps homeowners can take to lessen the chances of snakes living in and around their homes:

1)Keep ornamental plants and shrubs away from building foundations. Dense low growing evergreen bushes and any plant that produces a thick entanglement of vines are prime habitat.
2)Landscaping such as stacked boulders or quarried stones provide many nooks and crannies that snakes can hide in. Also after years of settling and erosion a pocket may develope deep enough to become a winter den or hiberculum. Large river rock is also included in this catagory since it provides many gaps to hide in as well as a good warming spot.
3)Stacked firewood or lumber scraps once again provide good habitat for snakes to hide in and should be kept away from the home as far as possible. BSWCS recommends a minimum of 50-100 feet away from the home.
4)Bird feeders, everybody loves birds and feeding them is very entertaining. Spilled seed attracts both mice ans insects which becomes a food source for snakes. Keep bird feeding to a minimum and regularly clean up spilled bird seed.
5)Garden hoses, for some reason snakes seem attracted to a coil of hose left lying on the ground. Always look before picking up a hose and they are best stored on a hose hanger attached to the wall.

6)Door sill seals, be sure all door sill seals are in good shape and fully seal the full width of the door. This includes overhead garage door seals also.

BSWCS is here to help you with your snake problems. We offer both short and long term trapping programs as well as professional exclusion services to prevent snakes from entering your home.